School needs

Our wish list

Here is a list of some of our needs for our current and future programs. If you are coming to Nepal and somebody is willing to donate the school materials in your place, you can bring any useful items (especially books in English, stationary items, Electronics goods for the school, etc. ! ) with you. We would be very appreciative for the support.

If you have funds, most of these items can be purchased at reasonable prices here in Nepal. In case you are willing to donate funds for any of these items, please contact us.

School materials

  • BOOKS ! We need English language books at all levels, but especially children’s classics, children‘s picture and story books, elementary and secondary level school books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference works. Funds for the purchase of Nepali literature would be much appreciated. Children age is 5 to 15 years old.
  • Musical Instruments of any kinds, especially percussion instruments, wooden or plastic flutes, etc.
  • Laptop Computers, Digital Camera, Movie Camera for documentary making, memory cards, video projector, lamination machine, printer, etc.
  • Student stationery supplies, such as pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, rulers, colour pencils, painting materials, brush, etc.
  • Games and Sports Equipment,
  • Globes, Maps and Wall Hangings, of the world and the solar system, alphabets, health and hygiene.
  • Office Supplies, such as paper, ink cartridges for printers, files and folders, etc.
  • Establishing databases in school in order to edit student marks, evaluations, timetables, curricula and sponsoring details on computers.

Fund supply for…

  • Place Management for storage of raw materials to make paper briquettes which is used as fuel for cooking food provided to children during lunch hour,
  • Construction of new class rooms for children,
  • Construction of rooms for extra activities to develop children’s individual talent,
  • Remaining construction in the School Building :
    – Construction of the top floor of the school building,
    – Fittings of security on all the doors and windows,
    – Security net around the school yard with metallic poles and net,
    – Painting of the school building.
  • Wooden and Metallic Furniture for children and staffs
    – Books shelves, cupboards for stationary and hand crafting items,
    – Tables and Chairs,
    – Desks and Benches,
  • Man Power needed for (Volunteers)
    – TOIT Web and Newsletter designer (can be done from anywhere in the world),
    – Translator of TOIT Documents (English to French, German, Chinese, etc),
    – Fund Raising for TOIT Projects.
  • Games equipments for the children
    – Carom and Chess,
    – Badminton,
    – Puzzle (Wooden items).
  • Rain Water Collection
    We want to collect rain water which can be used for toiletries, paper recycling and gardening, etc. The estimated amount for the project is 2,000 Euros. This will include water storage tank and fittings to collect water from the roof to the tank.