Sponsoring a child

TOIT is well-known in Bhaktapur and many families facing difficulties come to ask for sponsorship of their children as well as to seek for employment. Application forms are to be filled by the families (helped by someone from TOIT in case the parents are illiterate) and undergo careful examination in order to determine whether the child really needs financial support to finish its studies.

Quite obviously, the mission of TOIT being to support children from underprivileged families, we firstly exclusively sponsor families who have real financial difficulties.

Secondly, the family must be willing to support the child in its studies. Only with the familial support can the child be successful at school as home represents the initial place of socialization.

And thirdly we examine the applicant’s results at school. We choose to sponsor children who have more chance to succeed in their studies (they have usually already been to school for one or two years).

After we examine an application for sponsorship, we always visit the family two or three times depending on each case. Through these meetings, we attempt to verify the information they had given to evaluate their motivation and to get to know the child. Afterwards, if we consider the child effectively needs sponsorship, we look for a sponsor to help her/him. As long as we sponsor a child we keep regular contact with the family and the school and we check on the child’s results. This control enables us to support the child when he / she face problems in study or any familial matters. It is also for you an opportunity to follow the evolution of the child you sponsor.

Benefits as a child sponsor

When you sponsor a child with TOIT, wants to conduct a dialogue between you and your child.

You can expect the following documents and information every six months from us:

  • A detailed background report on your child and his/her family,
  • Pictures of your child and his/her family and the school they attend,
  • Letters and artworks from your child twice a year, at the beginning of the school year and the middle of the school academic year.
  • Academic and attendance reports prepared by our staff after each exam period.

TOIT expects from you:

  • To take the opportunity to write to your sponsored child on a regular basis,
  • To take the opportunity to send pictures of lifestyle and locality of your place.
  • To enrich their lives by sharing information and tell him/her about your family and your country.

If you visit Nepal which TOIT encourages to at least once:

  • Take the opportunity to meet your sponsored child,
  • Visit the school he she attending,
  • Discover the traditional life and people of the city.

How will your money be spent as a child sponsor?

Your money is greatly valued in Nepal, and TOIT is committed to ensure that each amount is spent wisely and effectively. TOIT pools all your donations and after putting aside 10% for operating costs, all other funds are used for child’s scholarships. The minimum period of child sponsorship is one years, but you may continue to sponsor your child’s education for many more years, till he/she attains the age of 18.


  • You will see the difference of your sponsorship making changes in their life,
  • You will have proof that your investment creates a brighter future for your child.