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TOIT is not an isolated unit busily working by itself in the streets of Bhaktapur. In fact, we are highly interested in establishing new contacts to friends, volunteers, sponsors and other supporters around the globe. If you would like to help us making our work much more productive you can represent and support the interests of TOIT in your country. Being part of the TOIT community means taking part in shaping the future of TOIT.

Drops of water make an ocean’. So, together we will communicate regularly about ongoing and upcoming projects of TOIT and participate directly or indirectly in all its activities. Please get in contact with us to check the options for becoming a new member in the worldwide TOIT community !

We are looking partners for raising publicity of TOIT, for fund raising
and sister school projects.

The parent’s role

We consider parents as key actors. Just as our teachers in school they are the ones who have the biggest influence on the children and can guide their way by being a good example. But this occurs only when the children at the school. But mostly children spend their time at their home with parents. So, we want the parents to be economically strong and be aware of their children education. Therefore we invite all parents to come to school at least six times a year in order to discuss not only the development of their child, but also their own role in this process.

Through these discussions we became aware of a problem that was crucial for the education of our students. Due to a traditional preference of boys in Nepali culture only 39% of all women know how to read and write. This leads to extremely limited opportunities for their employment and low wages. In many cases it is not possible for families to feed themselves if there is no additional income, and so their children have to work and cannot go to school. Due to lack of proper skill, many of the parents are involved in labor work for very low payment or remain idle having no job. This makes their family situation worst as the main family problem arises due to lack of proper income. When the parents are in trouble, they hardly participate to make their efforts on our support rendered to the children. So, our sole effort makes no sense. We do our best for proper education of the children in enhancing with capability. At the same time, we also want parents to make the similar efforts as us so that the children get sound health as sound mentality exists only in sound health. With sound health, children can finally concentrate on what they intend to get for their decent life.

In 2005 TOIT established knitting and sewing project to give the families of our students an opportunity to be self-sufficient and save for the future. In the project included is a savings plan. We pay the parents the same amount per piece as they would earn through a local company. In addition, we contribute 10% of the retail sales price to a savings plan that is available to them for emergencies or to finance their children’s future educational needs.

The objective of the project is to create awareness about the individual’s talent and capability that every human being possess. Only one need to be sincere and dedicated in what he / she does. Through this project, sincere and dedicated parents are selected to provide skill to be involved on projects of their choice. Depending on the capacity of the participants, we want :

  • To provide opportunity to disadvantaged people to utilize their quality and skill that helps them to be independent.
  • Motivate people to be independent so that there is no interference in their everyday life.
  • Progress in cognitive field of each individual.

The main focus of the project is to uplift the living standard of the family. On different surveys, it was revealed that many parents of the supported children do not have any job and remain idle at home. So the projected was created with a view to provide them an opportunity where they can learn and enjoy their work.


The products will be sold to local markets as well as to the visitors including volunteers, well wishers, sponsors, etc. Besides, the product sample will be sent to its members in abroad. Sending the production to different parts of the world will help us in making the activities known in many parts while will finally encourage the participants to be independent in life creating global solidarity.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the current status of the project, please contact us. It will be pleasure to share knowledge and experiences of our working. Currently, the project provides part time work for 10 parents. You can help us make this work available to more families by buying some of their handmade products and getting yourself a personal piece of Nepal !

At present, apart from fulfilling the needs of the underprivileged children it has enhanced its working schedule to the parents in an arena of the organization. According to the composition of population, about half of the percentages are women in our country. But majority of them are illiterate. Consequently, they have to face unemployment problems in different offices and organizations. They are fixed in household chores only .In turn; it has severely affected the inborn rights of the children.


  • Community Project has become a platform for the parents to show their skill,
  • It has given employment to parents through which they can utilize their leisure time,
  • The economic condition has been quite improved,
  • It has increased the communication between the parents and TOIT,
  • Regular information of the sponsored child can easily be achieved.


Community project is playing a crucial role in uplifting the family condition. With our progress, it becomes a boon for the family to make them economically independent.