TOIT has been sponsoring children between the age of 6 to 18 years old at different academic institutions in Bhaktapur. Under this scholarship scheme, there are around 400 children being supported. To prevent any abuse, TOIT applies strict control and selection on each of these families. The application form gathers information on the child but also on the financial and social situation of her/his family. (Some case study of children gives detail of their family situation).


When a request for sponsoring a child is received, the scholarship committee of TOIT will make a detailed study of the applicants, such as the financial status of the family and any other facts that TOIT should take into account to grant a scholarship. TOIT Scholarship is offered to the children of poverty stricken families under certain criteria as below mention:

  1. Children of minorities group,
  2. Children showing willingness to go to school, (This is studied from the past school performance),
  3. The parents showing willingness to educate their child by helping us in sending their child to school.
  4. Children’s academic records.

Every child sponsored is well followed by the organization making sure that every amount spent on the child sponsored is well utilized. When all criteria are met, the child is admitted in his/her new class. Once TOIT received all the required documents needed for the scholarship, the scholarship committees recommend the files to interested sponsors who are willing to help financially to send the child at school.