About us

Who we are

TOIT is a non-profit NGO (Non-Government Organization) registered in 2000 AD that serves to bridge the widening gap in Nepal between rich and poor, literate and illiterate. Our name “TOIT” comes from the French word for Shelter and speaks to our efforts to protect the children of Nepal from the effects of poverty.

Our primary mission is to provide high quality education for poor but worthy children regardless of their origin, cast, creed or gender by linking them with donors willing to fund scholarships.

Since the foundation of TOIT, we have been able to provide educational opportunities for 300 disadvantaged children, thus giving them the chance for a better life. In order to continue these achievements, we try to extend the benefit of scholarships on three different levels of society, namely the students, a school and their families.


Considering their origin of poverty stricken families, we want our students to receive an education that is geared to their special needs. Apart from common studies in Nepali Culture, Mathematics, Science, English and Art, this especially includes practical knowledge in recycling, agriculture, pottery, field visit, arts and crafts, weaving cloths, alternative resources and handicraft which help them to show their hidden talent that makes their life meaningful to live in. We need support from people willing to participate in our mission to give the students the education that they need !

School Project

Since 2007, we are sponsoring children having financial difficulties at a local school, ‘Saras Pathashala’. This school with a vast difference compared to other existing school opened its doors for the children to have better education needed for their life. It has a full curriculum that focuses on developing the children’s creative, theoretical and practical skills. Furthermore, it creates an environment where their low economic status does not hinder their learning. With the participation of sincere and good hearted people, we would like to help more and more children and make them aware about the need to knowledge for their life.


The students’ ability to attend school is greatly dependent on their parents’ income. Being aware of this, TOIT established a Community Project of knitting, sewing, recycling and other projects in 2005 to provide self-sufficiency and safety for the families of the students. Get yourself an original piece of Nepal and support our families by buying one of their handmade products !